Microsoft 365


Office 365


Microsoft 365 has many benefits for businesses, such as helping employees, particularly those who work remotely or who travel often, to easily collaborate, communicate and finish tasks in less time. On the one hand, it assists companies to grow while on the other hand it helps in saving money.


Some of the outstanding features:

Communicate Easily:

Microsoft 365 enables teams to work together on documents, tasks, or presentations. Everyone who needs to share, edit or contribute to a certain document, a presentation or a spreadsheet can work on the same version and get timely changes instead of having or working on multiple copies.


In addition, it includes a versioning feature which allows users to go back to an older version in case they need it.


Work from anywhere :

Microsoft 365 offers a capability to work from anywhere. Since it is cloud-based, you can access your files, emails, or any other Apps from any device at any location. Users can create, edit, or share files from windows device, PC, Mac or iOS, or Android with anyone at any time.


Advanced Security: 

Microsoft 365 includes built-in security features which are constantly updated. Through the Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) feature, users get protected from any cyber-attacks, malicious malwares, viruses, phishing or external threats.

Data Loss Protection (DLP), Multiple Device Management, (MDM) and Microsoft Intune are amongst the features that protect organizations from the flow or leak of any sensitive information outside the organization. It helps also to know who is accessing the data and where data is stored. Moreover, in case a device is stolen or lost, a user can wipe all data from these devices remotely.


Minimize Infrastructure and Hardware costs:

Since Microsoft 365 operates in the cloud, there is no need for on-premise or site servers that are required for document and files storage, emails, backup, etc...

In addition, getting rid of the on-premise and site servers result in reducing costs significantly because of the saving in office space required for servers and hardware components storage as well as reducing energy costs.


Keep updated:

Since it’s on the cloud, Office 365 is always up to date. Users always have access to the latest versions without any additional costs. So, companies and individuals avoid the costs associated with software upgrades or patches.

Furthermore, new functionalities, capabilities and features are continuously added and any user can access them once they are introduced. On the other hand, continuous updates eliminate any compatibility issues because all users are using the same updated version.