Microsoft Azure




Microsoft Azure allows companies and organizations to deploy, build, monitor and manage apps easily and quickly without the hassle of purchasing or maintaining any on-premise servers, hardware or underlying infrastructure. Under this umbrella, Microsoft offers three service and solution models, which are infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS) and software as a service (SaaS).


Microsoft has integrated Azure resources in order to meet compliance, scalability and security for any company’s requirements. In addition, Microsoft Azure is fully integrated with all other Microsoft products.


Some key advantages of Azure are:

The right solution for every business:

Azure is designed to meet the requirements of every business regardless of the size. No matter whether the organization is local, international or multi-national, Microsoft Azure is the right solution for start-ups, small, medium or large size companies that are looking for a cost effective and high quality solution for their business needs. It can host, launch and store any external or internal Apps on the cloud instead of the traditional on-premise or site servers.


It can operate on a pay-as-you-go (PAYG) pricing model to meet any budget and it is scalable to meet business demands. Moreover, it saves IT costs related to hardware, infrastructure and maintenance.


Disaster recovery, security and compliance

Azure is designed to protect your data. Azure has achieved many security and compliance certifications which made it the top choice of high-risk industries and sectors to provide their cloud solutions. With Microsoft Azure, end users and platforms are both protected from data theft, cyber-attacks, malicious malwares, hacking and viruses.


In addition, the disaster recovery feature is designed to make up for any downtime or breakdown occurs to the on-premise or site servers and it restores data in order to protect companies from any data loss.



Scalability is one of the top features in Microsoft Azure. It makes it easy to scale resources up or down such as compute power and storage just with the click of a button. This scalable structure enables businesses to get the flexibility they need and to pay only for what they actually use or consume.


High uptime

Azure has high uptime (around 99.95%), availability and redundancy in data centers whether on a local or a global scale which ensures that work isn’t interrupted at any time during the working day or week.