Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce & Retail




Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce & Retail is a comprehensive management solution that eases all kind of your commerce and retail dealings. It has features such as connecting all functions of the different departments within an organization to the functions of other departments. There are many functions that can be connected to others within an organization. For example, supply chain, inventory control, purchasing, customer database, accounts payable, accounts receivables, treasury, general ledger, control and monitoring of human resources and many more.


The supply chain management is well supported through Microsoft D365 Commerce & Retail. However, to implement this solution you need to consider important factors such as:

  • A well planned capital investment
  • A well-organized human resource system
  • A real SWOT analysis of the business


In order to get the best out of the system it is important that the smallest details of the business are not ignored. Also, it is important to implement the most appropriate system that suits your business strategic objectives. Once you choose the right system for your business, the solution remains open for different changes that will certainly benefit your business.


Proper training should be provided to personnel to implement the system in the best way. It is common that some changes in company’s processes may occur after implementing this solution. So employees should be trained to cope up with these changes taken into consideration their timely monitoring.


By implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce & Retail for your retail business, your organization will be ready to enjoy the great perks of the system. The system is specialized in tracking accounts, financial setup, sales and all other transactions changes that are going on in your business. Pricing and procurement are kept up to date through the system.


In addition, the reporting system is the best tool to keep an eye on the functionality of each department of your business. From sales to marketing, purchases and future forecasting each process can be done effectively as the system generates reports based on each department’s performance. Whether you are a retail business owner or running a commerce level business, you will always need up to date reports covering all departments. So, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce & Retail is the true solution to all such requirements.