Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Construction




Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Construction offers solutions to the Construction sector which has specific peculiarities, not only due to the uniqueness of each project, but also due to the complexity of project activities. Microsoft D365 for Construction takes this complexity into account.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Construction is:

  • Specialized : Mainly Designed for Construction and Contracting Companies, Development Companies and Cost Control Monitoring Companies.
  • Integrated : Integrates all departments of the company working under the same system, thus avoiding duplication of information or effort.
  • Innovative : Brings new ideas to the management of Project Costing.
  • Modular : The well-designed modules can be used in the company separately or in any combination required.
  • Multi-Lingual : Works in any language.
  • Modern : Includes all new software innovations.
  • User friendly Interface : Designed to be used by all levels in any Organization, from the Site until the top management.


A Solution That Makes Your Job Easier

Project managers can build their own Budgets, selecting from a broad assortment of capabilities and setting preferences with ease. Also, users of the system can accomplish more in less time.


Real Time Results

All information is available in real time. All sites are connected and information is accessible for users who have the privilege to access it. In today’s world, working harder isn’t enough. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Construction helps you work smarter.


Cost management and Accounting: Two poles come together

Cost data are entered on site, because site is the source of information. They are accurately checked. Employees and machineries hours are monitored per task and cost center. Materials satisfy the cost and budget criteria. Subcontractors’ payment certifications are in harmony with their contracts. Cost results are available automatically for the management. Accounting department receives all sites information, checks, confirms and produces all accounting and financial statements. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Construction gives the opportunity to the Accounting and Cost Departments to produce exactly the same results.


Seamlessly connected with Microsoft Project and Primavera P6.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Construction is connected seamlessly with Microsoft Project and Primavera P6, exchanging all cost information. Activities, Resources and Cost accounts can be transferred from Microsoft Project or Primavera P6, while all daily cost information can be loaded automatically to the proper fields. So the question “Why to enter cost data in two systems? I have no time for that !” doesn’t exist anymore. Site users enter all daily information to the System. Project managers have their Microsoft Project or Primavera P6 updated and top management has all result for all projects on their dashboard. Nothing is more simple and convenient.