Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Manufacturing




Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Manufacturing is one of the most specialized systems developed specially for the Industrial and Manufacturing field. It applies all the financial & administrative demands and needs to keep every department’s workflow organized and connected to the main system.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Manufacturing supports every department with highly organized and easy way of saving and retrieving data. In addition, it provides the Management with scheduled reports to make the evaluation process much easier and help in performance monitoring.


Manufacturers are making headways in business through allocating budget for technological developments. In addition, they invest in selecting and implementing the right ERP System for Manufacturing which will greatly improve the efficiency of the manufacturing processes as well as streamlining them.


Despite that the system once used to be prevalent in large organizations, today the rules have changed. From being a bonus, it has now become a necessity for organizations to function properly.


Even for the small companies, with limited resources, this solution brings a lot of benefits. In fact, for an organization at that level, this system gives a huge competitive advantage. Consequently, manufacturers need to know that it is of a paramount importance to select and implement the right ERP System for the best interest of their business.


It contains the following systems:


  • Cost and production system
  • Financial accounting system
  • Fixed assets accounting system
  • Sales management system
  • Procurement management system
  • Inventory management system
  • Human resources system
  • Payroll system
  • Attendance and leave system
  • Planning and follow up management system
  • Preventive maintenance management system
  • Treasury account management system